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Toyota strategic problem

Toyota Corporation is a largest car maker in the World which has main headquarter in Japan. Toyota has significantly large employees network in the world. Toyota employed approximately more than 300,000 employees around the world. Toyota is also well-known for heaviest in US auto sales. GM was America’s biggest automaker before year 2005 but after year 2008 Toyota discharged GM and turned as World’s biggest automaker for US and also in the World. Toyota has built up to large multinational groups of businesses and boomed to different worldwide markets and countries. Toyota got entitle for most lucrative automaker (more than $10 billion in year 2006) in US and other countries. Toyota motor has launched 3 brands and more than 1200 dealership showrooms in North America. In comparison with Toyota, GM has 8 brands and more than 12000 dealership showrooms in North America. So if we think about North America only then Toyota is facing a huge competition with GM Corporation.


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