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Transduction Pathway of Bipolar cells

Please include: Bipolar cells serve as the bridge cell between the photoreceptor cell and
the ganglion cell. Like the photoreceptor cell it also must transduce a chemical signal in order to
signal the next cell in the chain. Describe the transduction pathway in the bipolar cell. How
similar and /or different is this pathway compared to the transduction pathway in the
photoreceptor cell? What activates it and what is the ultimate outcome to activating this
pathway? What are the molecules involved and what do they do? Moreover, what other
molecules and/or pathways modulate these internal processes. Include in your discussion ON
and OFF bipolar cells and how these cells modulate. MUST UTILIZE THE ARTICLES PROVIDED. Must have:
a. Title
b. Abstract
c. Introduction
d. Discussion
e. Conclusions
f. Acknowledgements
g. References
h. Figure legends
i. Figures


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