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Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Plant.

You will provide a detailed and specific response to each question below.  Be comprehensive and make it your best work.

In general, what are the major causes of job turnover and job dissatisfaction? How do these lead to people leaving an organization?
(1-page maximum)
In general, what factors impact motivation on the job? (1-page maximum)
In general, what causes conflict in organizations. (1/2-page maximum)
Analyze the case using the McKinsey 7S Model. Discuss each of the seven elements of the
model as they relate to the situation at Treadway Tire Company. Some may not be applicable in this case, but you must consider each and
determine whether it applies or not.
What are the major issues at Treadway? Be specific and not general, giving examples from the case.
What is the relationship between line foremen at Treadways Lima Plant and other groups within the plant:
general supervisors and area managers, top management, the union, hourly workers, and each other? Explain.
How do line foremen feel about their jobs? Why? What would you suggest to improve their job motivation?
What are the consequences of those feelings? Explain.
What are the elements of the work system that contribute to the problem? Be comprehensive. What could you do to correct the problems?
What interventions (action plan) should Ashley Wall recommend? Provide details and suggestions for implementation.
Dont be short in your response to this question.
This case write-up must be 12 pages minimum.

Grading Rubric

Answers are comprehensive, complete, and well-reasoned.
Answers are supported by the facts from the case, by learning from course textbook, and by other scholarly sources.
Any material from other sources is properly cited and referenced.
Sources are cited in the text.
Follow these guideline  when submitting responses:

Submit response(s) in one file
Include a cover page
Include a reference page
Include in-text citations per APA
Please repeat the question prior to responding
(The coversheet and reference sections do not count as pages when a minimum number of pages is required).


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