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Essay #2 – U.S. Constitutional Law
For this essay you will rely on what we’ve discussed on the Constitution, Civil Liberties and the Supreme Court to write about and analyze 1 Supreme Court Case.
I’m allowing you to pick 1 Supreme Court case, so along as if it AFTER January 1st, 2005, you will answer the following sections:
1. Summarize the main information or story of the case.  What is the background story, who are the plaintiffs and defendants?  For this you can provide the main background information as to how this case came to be, where it took place, and how it ended up getting all the way to the Supreme Court.
2. What is the main Constitutional question being discussed and decided by the court?  Does it relate to any of the 10 Bill of Rights? Is this a controversial social/political issue, and why?  Are there any past issues or cases that you case was revisiting?
3. Based on the arguments presented by the plaintiff and defendant, how do you personally feel about the case?  Present your own argument and perspective on the issue that the case focuses on.  Look at it as if you were a Judge, how would you rule?
4. What was the decision made by the majority of the court?  What was their main constitutional argument in favor of their decision?  What was the main argument of the dissent opinion?  Who do you agree with and why?
Same format, 4-5 pages and at least 4 sources.


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