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Internal Scanning and Core Competencies (VRIO approach)

Apr 7

Construct an Internal Factor Analysis Summary matrix (see page 164-attached) including a minimum of 5 Strengths and 5 Weaknesses for your company.  Clearly identify Core competencies following the RBV approach. Provide a brief explanation for your weights and ratings assignment. Max 2 pages.

PLEASE NOTE: I will need the excel file as well as the word document.  I was missing the actual excel file for part 1 which he will deduct points for.

I have attached the first portion of this assignment which is the external factors and now we need to add the internal factors.

I am providing you with an Excel file containing a complete case analysis. In this excel file you will find several worksheets (see tabs) with corresponding IFE, EFE, TWOS, etc, analytical tools useful for strategic management, identification and formulation. In addition, I am also providing you with another excel file for financial ratios analysis and strategic audit (See links above). You can use the excel file as your template to construct your Live Case analysis (make sure not to erase any formulas!). I am also providing you a template for the case analysis in a pdf file. This template should serve as a guideline to assess all elements that need to be included in your analysis. There is also an excel file that is useful to this end. In the excel file, please scroll to the left in the tab bar to see all spreadsheets used.

The final written document you prepare should follow the format but not presented in a bullet or outline format as is presented in Chapter 12. You should prepare it in a research paper format with main and sub headings and references. In addition, you should include a completed Strategic Flow Diagram as an appendix to your document see format provided in D2L. I have included a blank model and a sample of the College of Business Administration diagram as an example. It is of the utmost relevance that your report clearly and specifically identify the firm’s core competencies and how they translate into Competitive Advantage(s). In addition, a clear identification of Core Products and End Products is expected.


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