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US constitution

Please use the 4 concepts of federalism to decide which form of federalism would best describe these laws (these should look familiar).  You may do this by listing the number and the form of federalism.  Keep in mind, your options are DUAL, COOPERATIVE, CREATIVE, and NEW.
Congress passes a law, which asks states to establish a system of standardized testing for K-12 schools and to track student performance against state-mandated standards. If states do not create these exams and standards, they lose a portion of the federal education funding for which they might be eligible.
Congress creates a program to promote the prices of American agricultural products by offering low income families a subsidy to purchase food.
Congress passes a law requiring the US President to seek congressional authorization within 60 days of deploying American military personnel in foreign territory.
Congress passes a law requiring states to raise their drinking age to 21 or lose 10-25% of their federal transportation grants.
Congress passes a law that prevents the Centers for Disease Control from using any money allocated by Congress to study the health consequences of gun violence.
After you have considered what form of federalism would best describe these laws, please consider which form best suits your own political beliefs.  How would you like to see national and state power divided?  How much collaboration would you like to see between the state and national governments?


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