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Ute Wisdom, Language and Creation Story

YOUTUBE VIDEO  Ute Wisdom, Language and Creation Story Larry Cesspooch

1.    Provide a brief plot summary of the creation story in no more than five sentences.

2.    Does the story progress in chronological order, or is the plot cyclical? Does the story include foreshadow?

3.    What is the setting (time and place) of the story? Is the setting symbolic in any way? Does the setting impact the action of the characters in any way?

4.    Is there a protagonist? If so, who is it? Describe some of their character traits.

5.    Is there an antagonist? If so, who is it? Describe some of their character traits.

6.    Is there a central conflict? Are there opposing forces?

7.    What is the tone of the short story? Does the tone remain the same throughout the story or does it change? If it changes, how so?

8.    Does the myth include symbolism? If so, what symbols are used and what are their meanings?

9.    What is the climax of the story? What is the resolution of the conflict?

10.    What is the main theme of the story?  Are there any minor themes?


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