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Students will write 6 comparative source analysis essays (approximately 4 pages each) on the required texts and corresponding films for the course.
Address the Following:

Write a thesis that explains the issue(s) you will analyze.
Use the book to provide historical context for the film.
If relevant to your topic, what issues did the film not address about the era in which it was made that you believe are important. Provide information from the book in your discussion of those issues.
If relevant to your topic, what symbolism, metaphors, etc. do you see in the film?
If relevant to your topic, how did the values of the time shape the making of the film? You need to be able to support your arguments about the values of the time with information from the book, not just state what you believe the values of the time were.
Do not limit yourself to the suggestions I have provided here.

These papers are not book reports/film summaries.  Avoid lengthy summarization I have read the books and watched the films; I do not need to be told what they are about.  Use summarization only as necessary for evaluating the books and films.

You must cite the books properly.  History majors must use Chicago Manual Style.  Students majoring in other disciplines may use the citation style appropriate to that discipline.

Will submit movie link and pdf documents for books and label which books and film go with each essay


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