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Video Evaluation 1: The Immigration Battle

While youre viewing a video, think about and write down the following:

What are the most important points or ideas in the video? (3 points)
What significance do these ideas have for a course of this nature? (3 points)
Write a brief response to at least one major issue discussed.  Use your sociological imagination here.  Tie your view/idea to assigned readings. Please cite (author’s last name, year of publication). (10 points)
Do you think the video is relevant to the class topic under discussion (here you state if the video presents anything to illustrate or explain a point raised in the text or in class discussion)?  Did the video make you look at anything differently?  If you think the video is not relevant to the topic, feel free to say so but you must be certain to explain your position. (3 points)
Did you find anything problematic? (3 points)
Please remember to integrate relevant sociological concepts and theories into your write-up. (10 points)
Your evaluation must be at least 2 pages in length, double spaced. (3 points)


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