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Virtual Live Performance

Your paper must include the following components:

1) Statement as to why you chose the concert;

2) Description of the performance venue;

3) Description of the size and age of the audience;

4) Description of the participation and attention of the audience;

5) Comments on each work on the program:*

A) Which style period is it from?  B) Was it a precise performance? C) Your musical enjoyment

6) Statement and details as to whether or not you enjoyed the concert (over all);

7) Details regarding how the music affected you;

8) Statement as to whether or not you would recommend a program like this to your friends (why or why not);

9) Any other insights or observations or anything that surprised you.

Formatting Details
Include the title of your paper at the top (centered)
Include your name and date on the left side of the paper
Use size 12 font
Double-space the text
Expect to complete at least 3 full pages of text in answering the prompts above
Proper use of spelling and grammar is expected and part of the grading scheme


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