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Virtue, which is also called inner beauty, is more important than physical appearance.

Introduction (100)

Thesis Statement: Benevolence, wisdom, trustworthiness, and courtesy have been considered as the elements of virtue in Chinese. These virtues are more salient than being good-looking in interpersonal relationship.

** General to Specific

Body 1 (150)

TS: Benevolence helps people get along well with others. (why is it more important than being beautiful on the appearance?)

Body 2 (150)

TS: Wisdom helps people to meet a few but true friends. ( how is it to do with its comparison to beauty?)

Body 3 (150)

TS: Trustworthiness helps people maintain long term relationships. (how is it to do with its comparison to beauty?)

CA (150)

Physical beauty matters in the first impression, while inner beauty takes time to be seen. (so? Others argue that physical beauty is more important in society?)

Outer beauty may help to attract people in one glance, but without courtesy, ones first impression can be ruined in a minute.

Conclusion (100)

Final Message: Instead of spending money on cosmetics, it is worthier spending time discovering ones true beauty.


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