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War Of the Worlds

Mollmann uses historic context to make his claims about American attitudes about imperialism.  You may agree or disagree with Mollmann, but please bear in mind he is not making this claim about contemporary America.  He is talking about attitudes in America in the late 1890’s…. the time when Wells’ novel was published in England. 

In a well thought out 2-4 paragraph discussion, summarize Mollmann’s article as if you were explaining his article to a class of your peers.  Be sure to cite his major elements of evidence.
In one paragraph clarify your own position on Mollmann’s claims.  Next, in one or two paragraphs, point to one example in contemporary literature or cinema that reflects a similar situation to the one Mollmann describes.  Name a novel or film from the late 20th or early 21st Century that, once placed in context with current American ideas about war and/or imperialism, urges support for a particular sort of action.
Note: please have fun selecting your film or novel. Take any position you choose…. I’m interested in how you can apply Mollmann’s theory about the relationship between literature and current events.


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