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Project Summary
Your web application project for the Semester is to design and develop a task/chore roster system for shared spaces that allows managers to set tasks, notifies users of their tasks, and allows users to mark tasks as complete.

Upon loading the system should display
Current tasks that need to be done today
The user who is assigned that task
Users should be able to sign up and log in so they can
View their scheduled tasks
Manage their profile/user information
Manage their availability
Manage the types of tasks they can/want to do.
Managers should be able to sign up and log in to:
Manage their profile/manager information
Create and manage different tasks.
Group tasks.
Assign tasks or groups of tasks to users.
Users/managers should be able to choose to link a social media/email/other account, allowing login via that platform, to make logging in easier.
One of the following two special features must also be present:

Email notifications
Users can request that an email notifications be sent to them for current/upcoming tasks.
Users should be able to choose when email notifications are sent
Users should be able to set multiple notifications and/or different notifications per task.
~ OR ~
Calendar Reminder
Users can connect their online calendar to the system (Google Calendar/Outlook)
Tasks automatically added and updated on users’ online Calendars.
Software Requirements
The web application must developed and run in the CS50 IDE.
You should also make regular (at least weekly backups/downloads of your work)
The web application must use NodeJS, Express, and AJAX .
The database must be a SQL database.
Your markup/code must pass W3C Validation and ESLint linting.
You may use other libraries/frameworks not addressed in this course, however your implementation must still demonstrate your understanding of the concepts taught in this course.


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