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Week 1: Strategic Compensation System Analysis Assignment

Identify and discuss the building blocks and structural elements of a strategic compensation system in any private company of your choice (you may use example of the company you work at or any other company; for example, Nestle, Google, Coca Cola, etc.). Relying on professional knowledge or experience, company annual reports, or articles in newspapers and business periodicals, develop a paper that would address the following:

Part 1: Analysis of the company (using the material presented in Chapter 1 of the textbook)
Provide a brief overview of the company being analyzed;
Describe the category of the core compensation company uses;
Identify and describe any adjustments to the core compensation that are available in the company;
Reflect on the employee benefits available.
Part 2: Analysis of the effectiveness of the strategic compensation system
Based on the information presented in section I of the paper, provide your own reflections on the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s current compensation system. In your opinion, what can be improved or changed in order to create an effective strategic compensation system?
In what ways do you see the selected companys compensation system supporting its business strategy?
Your submission should be formatted in APA style, 3-5 pages long – excluding the title page and reference list. Use at least 2 additional sources other than reading materials to support your argumentation.

The grading rubric, which represents the performance expectations for this assignment, is located below.

To submit your assignment, select Submit Assignment, follow prompts to submit your work, add any comments for your instructor in the comments box (optional), and then click Submit Assignment.

.Additional Resources
Week 1
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