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Week 4 Assignment


Read: Goler, L., Gale, J., Grant, A., Lets Not Kill Performance Evaluations Yet Harvard Business Review, November 2016, pp. 91-94

Link for the article: (Links to an external site.)

Read the article completely. Question 4 p. 271 in your text book states managers dislike the responsibility of having to do performance appraisals for their direct reports. Read the question and discuss how Goler & Grant (2016) argue how performance evaluations can be beneficial to companies and employees. Write a 1-page, double spaced, 12-pt font paper with an APA cover page which IS NOT one of the pages. 

Exercise: 8.2 Rainyday Insurance Adjusters Company p. 721-724

Part A: Individual Analysis and Part B (Do as an individual)

There is no page number requirement on this assignment. Please provide a APA cover page. 


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