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welfare and safety

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to understand the role FLORIDAs state Board of Nursing (BON) and explore how it protects the welfare and safety of citizens and regulates the practice of nursing. For this weeks discussion read chapters 70, 72, and 74, then provide simple and short answers to the following questions:

What is the structure and authority of the BON?
What is the code of conduct as described in the Nurse Practice Act?
How is professional misconduct defined?
What are the sanctions for misconduct?
How do nurses remain in good standing?
Name three (3) OTHER nursing organizations (include at least one APRN organization)  Board Seal

Reminder: 1)  275 words post. 2) All questions must be answered to receive full grade. 3)  Your original post by Wednesday 4/4/2020 and reply to ONE peer by 3/14/2020. 4) DO NOT forget your references.


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