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What approaches by nurses might be effective in reducing costs of chronic illnesses?

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P Omwansa posted Jun 16, 2020 12:29 PM

What approaches by nurses might be effective in reducing costs of chronic illnesses?
Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death and disability and among the most preventable healthcare problems in the United States, with 86% of all U.S. healthcare dollars going to the treatment of these diseases(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention[CDC], 2017). As nurses we can encourage our patients to go for early screenings, routine medical checkups and seek help if need be to avoid further complications. Larsen (2019), states that early detection and slowing the progression of disease, reducing complications of disease, improving quality of life, and reducing the demand on the healthcare system are important goals that promote health rather than disease. As nurses, we can help individuals determine the perception of their disease and help them with the challenges they may face.

Heath promotion is an approach that nurses can use to help in reducing costs of chronic illnesses. Through health promotion individuals can engage in healthy seeking behaviors and make necessary adjustments to decrease risk of secondary disabilities and prevent further disease. Nurses can also apply the basic principles of pain and symptom management in caring for their patients with chronic diseases. Teaching breathing relaxation and stress management can help individuals with chronic diseases rather than using medications as first option. Having an open communication and education plan can help both the nurse and patient/family come up with a good plan on how to manage chronic disease while reducing costs.
What is the importance of health promotion for persons living with chronic illness?


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