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What are common risk factors for ankle sprains in adult athletes?

This project requires you to develop a research question on a topic of interest to you and write a research proposal that does the following: identifies the need for research due to a problem that exists (introduction), provides support for the need for that research (review of literature) and steps you would take to answer that research question (methods).
This project should include (1) a title page; (2) an abstract; (3) an introduction to the paper; (4) the review of literature; (5) a methods section; (6) a complete list of references used; and, (7) an appendix (IRB protocol form, Informed Consent, data collection sheets used, questionnaires, other). The format, which follows, is typical of most journals related to exercise science, and subscribes to APA style (American Psychological Association, 2013).
I have several materials that I can upload that need to be read and looked over before starting the paper. My research question is “What are common risk factors for ankle sprains in adult athletes?” It should be APA style and should also include an appendix that has Informed consent and IRB protocol form. I have both of these templates that I will attach.


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