What does professional writing look like? How is it written?

The lecture is about technical writing




You’re being asked to take the content (Principles of Professional Writing(attachment below), Professional Writing Process, and How to Engage an Audience) and convey that content–using your own words–in a pamphlet.  




Two Lecture videos:


Professional Writing Process:




How to Engage an Audience:




Content: What does professional writing look like?  How is it written?  How do writers grasp and retain their audience’s attention?




Goals: 1) Teach the audience the content you’ve learned in Module 1. 2) Write in prose that adheres to the Principles of Professional Writing. 3) Use a professional writing process. 4) Capture and retain your audience’s attention. 5) Demonstrate your ability to build a document intended to be read quickly by its audience. 




Note on the pamphlet format: Most writing software includes templates for pamphlets, making the formatting of a pamphlet fairly straightforward.  However, if you struggle with the pamphlet format, or you think you can do better than the typical pamphlet, you’re welcome to design your own document format for this assignment.  Remember, the document must be designed to be read and understood quickly by its intended audience.  


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