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What is musical nationalism in the U.S.?

After reading Conflicting Perspectives on Patriotism Within Music Education in the United States During Wartime, by Assistant Professor of Music Education at the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati, Amy C. Beegle, please contemplate the following questions in an online discussion submission:

Reflect on the music education you received as a child. What do you remember about the music classes that you took around that time, and before that time? If you attended school in the United States, do you recall learning the National Anthem or any other national music? If you attended school outside of the United States, what patriotic or nationalistic music were you required to learn? How were you introduced to music of cultures outside or your own?
Pretend you decided to pursue a degree and career in music education. Dont worry, the salary is also hypothetical. In your opinion, what should be the primary educational concerns of a music teacher? Should the promotion of nationalistic philosophies and ideals be among them? Why or why not?
Your submission may take the form of an original Thread, or you can compose a Reply to another student’s Thread that respectfully expands on their ideas or experiences. For this Discussion there is no graded component to respond to a peer. Your answers to these questions should be no more than 300 words in total. After the Due Date and Time no more submissions will be accepted.


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