Where do you think we are heading in the next few years?

Reference articles below; answer/cite questions below 150 words.


The history of trade agreements shows the shifts over time between Globalism and Nationalism. Where do you think we are heading in the next few years? Do you think this is a positive or negative? Why?  NOTE: Be specific and ensure that you incorporate from both assigned readings and external research. Always cite your work. 


Reference articles


Farah, P. D., & Cima, E. (2010). China’s Participation in the World Trade Organization: Trade in Goods, Services, Intellectual Property Rights and Transparency Issues. In A. Lopez-Tarruella Martinez, El Comercio Con China: Oportunidades Empresariales, Incertidumbres Juridicas (pp. 83-121). Valencia: Tirant le Blanch. Retrieved from


Kissoon, R., & McLarney, C. (2018). Progress in Securing Openness of Crossborder Trade in Services. Journal of International Business Research, 17:1.


Rao, D. N. (2007). Analysing risks of foreign direct investment in emerging economies: A case-study of Saudi Arabia. SSRN. Retrieved from 



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