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Women of the blacks arts movement reflective Essay

For this reflective essay, I want you to piggyback off what youll write in this discussion( Order 165293383) If you selected in the discussion to write about Sonia Sanchez, then continue your analysis on Sanchez, or if you wrote in the weekly discussion about June Jordan then continue your analysis on Jordan. Develop a two page reflection that reflects upon how a poem (your choice either from the anthology or one you find online) by Sanchez or Jordan reflects women’s liberation (particularly for women of color) and women’s social justice or protest against social oppressions. I would like for you to find one outside source on your own to help back up and support your viewpoint; please quote at least once from the secondary (outside) source you use, and quote from the poem itself. Place both the poem and the outside source on a works cited page (works cited does not count toward the two pages of content). Should you need to write more than two pages and go over that page limit, that is perfectly fine! Write as much as you need to address the themes of women’s liberation, social justice, and protest, within the poem. Even if the poem you are looking at is about the theme of love or relationships, think about how that theme can be used by a female poet to make a larger, broader statement about the treatment of women in society. I am really looking forward to seeing your responses and reflections this week on these two fabulous, historic, talented, and amazing black poets! As always, use MLA format with your heading, in text citations, and works cited. 


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