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This is a group project, topic is work at home.

For the last few decades, the concept of work has evolved from the stereotype of the 9-5 schedule or having to be in an office in order to complete the tasks at hand. It has changed so much that today, millions of employees globally have chosen to move toward Telework, employees completing work through electronic interactions, telecommunications, and internet technologies, rather than the pressure of filling a mold that may be impossible to fit into. With the incredible strides technology has made, many companies have made decisions to close the physical doors of the company, especially those who do not require face-to-face interactions, and rely almost exclusively on Telecommunications. What many companies need to understand is that having a work-life balance has become a considerable factor for continuing with the organization. Telework allows for the flexibility and design of an individualized schedule per employee.

My part is Resource Benefits
Resource benefits could be how an employer doesnt need a physical location since people work from home. Or how the employer doesnt have to spend money on gas getting to work because they work from home.

How telecommuting reduces carbon footprints of a company, how they have less of a need for office space (so they save on costs related to real estate, energy, etc.), and how it potentially reduces the need for HR (less security personnel, for example).

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