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Working with Constraints

This activity will provide you with an opportunity to engage in discussion on a project management topic that was covered in this module. The class interaction will foster a learning environment in which you will learn from each others experiences and opinions. In addition to that, you will practice using the project management jargon and expressing your opinions in a professional manner. The options available in this discussion have ethical considerations that are important to consider as a project manager.
It is always simplest when a project is able to progress from start to finish with no major modifications but when an issue arises, it is essential that the project manager consider all viable optionsthe culture of the company, the customers tolerance for modification, and the impact any change will have on the quality of the project, and the ability to meet future milestones. The project you are managing for UPI has a major problem that could halt production and impact sales. It was discovered by Lee, your liaison to the Chinese manufacturing company, that the raw material used in the production of the game pieces is not available and will not become available for three months due to the chemical process to create the material that is heated, molded, and pressed.
Lee has learned of another company that has large reserves of a similar material that will respond to the manufacturing process similarly to the original material but it is of inferior chemical composition. When heated, the alternate material off-gases a toxic chemical that could be hazardous to workers. You are assured that the chemical has no residual negative effects of off-gassing and the pieces will pass the chemical analysis when finished. The issues you must decide include all of the questions below.
Respond to the following:
Technically, the change in raw material is a change in the scope of the project. Who should you notify, if anyone, and why? Should you make the decision and then alert management or should you wait for someone else to make a determination for how to proceed?
The potential for off-gassing is an element that was presented to you for consideration. Does it matter as the manufacturing process is in China and will not affect US workers? What steps or accommodations should be made, if any and why?
What do you think your level of due diligence is regarding verification of Lees claims that the finished product will comply with US regulations for safety? Please explain.
Do you have any alternative suggestions to Lees proposal or should you defer to Lees opinion considering you are new to the company and new to the team?


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