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write a post in which you do the following for your section:

. In the Discussion, write a post in which you do the following for your section:

1.    Outline the key points what is the thesis(es) of your section? How can you tell? What are the main supporting points?
2.    How is the argument structured? For example, what points are made where in the paragraphs? What are the different sentences in each paragraph accomplishing? What is each paragraph accomplishing? What patterns do you see in how and where the author(s) write the sentences and paragraphs in your sections? How can we use this structure in our own writing? Would it be a useful structure/strategy for writing?
3.    Identify and define key vocabulary explain to us what that word means in the context of this article
4.    Based on your part of the reading, create a discussion question for the class to address. Ground the question in the text by referring to a specific idea or passage from the text to help illustrate or begin the question
5.    Read through the posts in the other groups, and reply with a thoughtful response to at least one post per group.

I am in the Group 6. So what I need to read is from Dirk Pg. 255, at the beginning of the paragraph that starts And now for some bad news through end of the article


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