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write a rhetorical analysis paper on about a recent article

Your thesis must reflect that you are writing a rhetorical analysis about the article under a specific claim you’re indicating the article speaks to or the larger conversation. Why did the author write the article? What issue is the author trying to address?

You’ll need to consider who is making the argument, why they are making the argument, and to whom (what audience) are they making the argument

At least 6 paragraphs

Be sure that the analysis includes a brief summary of the original essay and basic publication information about it (its author, place of publication, and publisher), as you did in previous discussion assignments. Do not include a lengthy of detailed summary; your essay is an analysis, not a book report.

Avoid first/second person in your response.

Your response should not reflect any personal bias or personal opinion about the topic.

Your response should Indicate content that is effective and ineffective and why.

link to the article:


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