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You have been assigned to complete a reflection paper based upon the book, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty

As you are answering the following questions, please include specific references to the book throughout your
paper to show your clear and thorough understanding of the content.

Awareness (Answer TWO of the following questions):
1. Describe, in detail, your decision-making process regarding this incident(s).
2. Describe the principles or reasons behind the University’s policies associated with this incident(s).
3. Identify what motivations influenced your decision-making process.
4. Explain your responsibility as a member of the FIU community and what you will do in the future to make sure
you are meeting these responsibilities and expectations.

Personal Reflection (Answer TWO of the following questions):
1. How did you grow or change as a result of reflecting on your decisions and reading Dan Arielys book? How
did it help you to reflect on your decisions?
2. What influences impacted your decision-making process and how did your decision align with your personal
values and the examples discussed in the book?
3. What realistic advice would you give to other students similar to yourself who are considering behavior that
would violate University policy?

Application (Answer ONE of the following questions):
1. Describe some of the common situations you will continue to face in your life as a student where you will
need to consider what you have learned from this incident(s) and detail how you would respond in those
2. Identify any factors (whether environmental, personal, or otherwise) that may negatively influence your
decision to meet the University’s expectations. Describe, in detail, how you plan to overcome these hurdles.

Career Development (Answer ALL of the following questions):
1. Will this incident(s) be reflective of your behavior as a professional in your chosen career field? Why, or why
2. Describe the importance of integrity and honesty in your chosen career field. What are the effects of
someone in your chosen career field acting without integrity or acting dishonestly?
3. Discuss potential consequences of someone in your chosen career field acting without integrity.


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