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If youve ever had a performance appraisal where the person conducting it really cared about the process, you know first hand the motivational impact. Unfortunately, thats rarely the case. Appraisals are generally poorly researched and written, leaving the employee feeling unappreciated and demotivated. Given the business and human resource management implications, the ability to provide effective feedbackrecognition and developmentalis an essential management competence and a critical HR and organizational priority.

Your Task

The firms Employee Engagement principal was particularly impressed with your Onboarding presentation and has requested your assignment to a second project with significant engagement implications: reimagining the Performance Appraisal process. Specifically, the principal has asked you to review the appraisal best practices and techniques discussed in Module 9 and conduct additional research as necessary to develop a 23 page outline for a performance appraisal training program that incorporates that learning and addresses issuesi.e., cognitive bias.

Your outline should reflect an understanding of Kim Scotts Radical Candor, Lenny Rachitskys Performance Management System, and the agile methodology Peter Cappelli and Anna Tavis discuss in The Harvard Business Review article . Since you will be synthesizing existing material, be sure to give credit where credit is due and cite sources appropriately.

Additional Information: For a point of reference, see SHRMs article. 


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