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Business Dev & Sustainability

1,For the latest company with which you worked(Devereux Foundation), how would redefining "the business we are in" change the strategic trajectory? 250 words


2, Identify one way in which Jesus provided a strategic vision for his followers.250 words

Business Ethic Discussion

When it comes to a company’s personnel policies and procedures – that is, how it handles the hiring, firing, promoting, and paying of the people who work for it – what do you see as the most important moral principles for it to bear in mind?


Business Case Study On Testing For Honesty

After reading the attachment on "Testing for Honesty"   Write a 2 pg. MLA style  paper on the questions below, three or more source.


 Describe how you’d feel if you had to take a psychological test or an honesty test either as an employee or as a precondition for employment. Under what conditions, if any, would you take such a test?

Case Study Assignment: JetBlue

Conduct financial analysis and develop implications on a firm's strategy. Specifically, 1) What trends do you see in the expenses of JetBlue, and how does this cost impact JetBlue's pretax income, 2) During the years 2012 through 2016, one year stands out as particularly successful for JetBlue. Identify the year and describe the factors that played the largest role in making it an exceptional year for the company, and 3) What major year-to-year changes do you see in JetBlue's financial statement (Exhibit 4)? Given what you know about JetBlue from the case, how would you explain these changes?


Develop recommendations(s) for a 3-5 year strategy. Provide an overview of the timetable and required resources.


Social Concept Essay

In a paper of 800−1,200 words, reflect on the social contract concept. If you were to think about a new social contract, what would it be? Think in terms of two contracts: one between the citizenry and the state, and one between the professionals and the health care system.


Provide a minimum of three references.

Technology In Criminal Justice Presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation, in which you discuss the following:


The impact and the effects of technology on communication within the criminal justice system


The importance of communicating with the media and the public during critical incidents, and the procedures used for doing so


The role social media plays in the criminal justice system and how it is being used for communication purposes


The future of social media as it relates to communication in the criminal justice system

Sex Offenders Essay

1. Conduct research and summarize a criminal case involving an internet predator.  Be sure and address what type of sexual offender this case involved.


2. What are some of the investigative challenges faced when attempting to capture internet predators?

Ethical Issues Paper

You are the second in command at a city law enforcement agency. Your agency is currently in the promotion cycle with several candidates interested in a Lieutenant’s position that has become available. The agency only has positions at this level come open about once every year. There are two candidates for the position that standout above the rest from the perspective of their service and performance records.


Both you and the head of the agency must approve all final promotion decisions. A couple of days before the final decision must be made regarding the promotion you receive a call from the Mayor’s assistance. The assistant tells you that the Mayor would consider it a huge favor if you selected a specific candidate for the Lieutenant’s position, however this individual is not one of the top two candidates being considered.


You know that the head of your agency hates to be involved in political matters and typically de

Differences Between Interviews and Interrogations

Differences Between Interviews and Interrogations


Interviews and interrogations have many characteristics in common,  course text, Criminal Investigation, lists several. Planning for interviews and interrogations is critical, and during both, the interviewer/interrogator needs to control surroundings, establish privacy, build rapport, ask probing questions, listen attentively, and document all accounts of the crime. The goal for both interviewers and interrogators is to obtain as much information about an investigation as possible.


While the similarities exist, the differences between interviewing and interrogating are great. In this assignment, you explore these differences and look at transition points between the two—when do interviews become interrogations? Focus on the differences between interviews and interrogations and transitions between the two.Consider when an interview becomes an interrogation and

Communication Barriers And Dynamics Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you include the following:


Explain various methods for overcoming language barriers as well as situational barriers when communicating with people in a criminal justice environment.


Discuss the use of certified interpreters in a criminal justice setting.


Explain some of the ways to communicate when interacting with people who may have different customs and values.