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Applied IT Assignment Week 3

Project Research and Annotated Bibliography 

In order to make a recommendation to the business for the best technological solution to meet their needs, thorough research must be performed. For this assignment, based on your specific project needs, research a minimum of 3-4 different options. Create an annotated bibliography, and provide a brief summary of what the option offers. 

This will be used when writing phase two of your project. All references must be in proper APA 7 format. Include a cover page for your assignment. A references page is not required as you must provide each full reference within your paper for each annotated bibliography source. 

Note: 3 pages needed

Our Project: Dominos Pizza Group PLC

International Logistics assignment


Method of entry

Research one of the methods of entry in Chapter 4. Discuss in depth issues related to the considerations pertaining to this method of entry. Active exporting would be my prefered method.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

 Write between 750 1,250 words (approximately 3 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style.

 Use font size 12 and 1 margins.

 Include cover page and reference page.

 At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.

 No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.

Use an appropriate number of references to support your position, and defend your arguments. The following are examples of primary and secondary sources that may be used, and non-credible and opinion based sources that may not be used.

 Primary sources such as government websites (, , , etc.), peer r

Corey wk 3



MBA Business Plan component


One of the most important elements in a business plan is the market analysis. A market analysis is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of a market. It includes data collection and estimation in reference to the market size and value, characteristics of the intended customer base, in-depth evaluation of the competition, barriers to entry, and the regulatory environment. An accurate and detailed market analysis allows entrepreneurs to determine whether the market is sufficiently large to build a sustainable, profitable business. In this assignment, you will complete a market analysis for your proposed organization and create a report that can be included within a business plan.


Write a 525-word report that includes the following sections:

  • Section 1: Business overview, mission, and vision
  • <

EHR systems and life cycle of EHR project


  • Analyze compliance requirements throughout the health information life cycle.
  • Evaluate the technologies that support and supplement EHRs.
  • Discuss EHR system challenges and the supporting roles of HIM professionals in addressing these challenges.
  • Develop an appreciation for the planning and implementation aspects of EHRs.
  • Provide examples of EHR systems as they may be implemented in various types of health care settings.
  • Evaluate the acceptance and challenges associated with the NHIN (National Health Information Network). 

Imagine that you are the HIT Director for a healthcare facility and you are tasked with leading the facility in converting their office to electronic health records. For this Assignment, you will design and construct a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that highlights the planning and implementation process when converting to electronic health records. You will present this Power

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand analysis aids health care leaders in ascertaining the effects of changes in policy on service lines that impact a communitys health (e.g., whether to expand existing services or perhaps close services). In 300 to 400 words address the following, identify and evaluate publicly available tools that provide data and assist in formulating the basic shapes of demand and supply curves. Communicate and elaborate on the relevance of these economic indicators in terms of pricing. Evaluate and comment on the social-cultural implications of value-based care.

Must use at least two scholarly sources formatted according to APA style.

Project One

You have been hired as a project manager for a software company, ABC Solutions. Their business development team has received a product request from a new client, XYZ Financial Services. They need a custom software solution to streamline some workflows and processes that will be implemented in their offices worldwide. Your company has developed a similar software solution, but the client requires additional features and customization. The new software needs to be ready for a test run at two of the offices in about six months and worldwide rollout in another three months. Your boss, the project director, has asked you to manage this product development project.

ABC Solutions uses the traditional waterfall method for software development. The proposed project schedule should include the following major tasks: determine the software requirements, design, code test, system test, address issues with software, and deliver the prototype. You have been asked to assemble a tea

Discussion 4

Must post first.Must post first. Minimum 400 word count. Explain the Impaired Professional and Opioid disuse. Your choice of Nurse, MD, or Pharmacist. How do you recognize, and report suspected diversion or problems?  What clinical manifestations may be present? What are the potential risk factors? What education is required? Please, explain about the process for an impaired nurse in Massachusetts, or MD, or pharmacist returning to work. What helps to avoid diversions? What safety precautions are needed? References for evidentiary support.  What about harm to patient? Minimum word count of 400 for initial post. Follow the grading rubric for discussion boards on the downloadable syllabus, please. Use APA style citations and references for evidentiary support of current knowledge and practice. Post 2 robust, respectful replies to course mates with a reference a piece. One hundred word count minimum for each reply with a reference.You must start a thread before

Healthcare Demand


You will be taking on the role of an associate director of a hospital who is considering the proposed opening of an urgent care clinic about 20 miles from your main campus. You have been charged with gathering demographic information that might affect the demand for the new clinic and creating a presentation that will be delivered to the hospital CEO. Consider what data might be relevant and why. What would you want to show the CEO to prove that this project would be feasible for the organization? As with the Finance, Risk, and Cost PowerPoint presentation, you will be creating a four to five-slide PowerPoint presentation that will include the points listed below. You are to create your presentation as though you were presenting the elements to a group for review. Add speakers notes to the bottom of each slide for ease of narration (as this will be presented in a video script) and to provide accessible content to people with accessibility needs. 

Discussion 5

Must post first.

Must post first.  Minimum of400 word count. Explain some Legal and Ethical Issues in Treating Opioid Misuse. Four-hundred-word count minimum for initial post. Follow the grading rubric for discussion boards on the downloadable syllabus, please. Use APA style references for support. Post 2 robust, respectful replies to course mates with a reference each. One-hundred-word count minimum for each reply.

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Discussion 1

Contains unread postsMust post first.First introduce yourself. Minimum of 400-word count.Then discuss the impact of the opioid crisis on your life.Then discuss the effects of the opioid crisis at your work.Lastly: Find (google) a "short documentary" movie on YouTube related to Opioid Crisis and after viewing it discuss its impact. Four-hundred word count minimum for post.Follow the grading rubric for discussion boards on the downloadable syllabus, please.Use 2 APA style citations and references for literature support.Post a robust, respectful 100-word count reply to 2 course mates with a reference each for support of current knowledge and practice.
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