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Assignment # 2 for Philosophy Course

Short-Answer Questions

1. (1 pt.) Which of the dispositions discussed in our reading do you think you already exemplify to some extent? What are some activities that you can do regularly in order to play to this character strength? Which of the dispositions do you think you lack? What are some activities that you could do to help foster such a disposition? 

2. (2 pts[Adapted from the “Exercise” on pp. 75-76] Watch scenes from the black-and-white movie Twelve Angry Men (1957)you can watch the whole movie or you can find a collection of scenes on YouTube (e.g., ). Select ONE scene that seems to exemplify one of the dispositions discussed in our reading (love of truth, open-mindedness, flexibility, modesty, self-knowledge, metacognition, or ONE of the so-called “dialogical dispositions”). Describe the scene and explain why you think it serves as a good example.

3. (1 pt.) Ask a question about A) the reading itself or B) how to apply the ideas from the reading to everyday life.

Long-Answer Prompt

4. (2 pts.) Select TWO of the guidelines for a constructive dialogue presented in our reading (pp. 74-75). Reach out to someone and try to engage in a live constructive dialogue (that is, not in a discussion forum) based on the two guidelines you selected. Report what you did to abide by the guidelines and how it went. Regardless of whether you successfully spoke with someone, what are ways that you personally could foster more constructive dialogues in your life moving forward? 


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