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Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

1 – Discuss moral responsibility and moral standards

2- Discuss the term ” categorical imperative” What is meant by the term ” work ethic”?

3-Explain and discuss the terms “utility” and “utilitarism.”

4-List and discuss two moral issues faced by international corporations

5-Explain what is meant by the term “mixed economy”. What is “alienation”? According to Marx, what causes alienation?

6-Explain any two of the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Oligopolistic competition : Price fixing :

Perfect competition :

7-Explain any two of the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS Acid rain: 

Ecological ethics: 

External cost 

8-What does the term “due care” means.

9-Explain any two of the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 

Commercial advertising Duty not to coerce: 

Duty not to misrepresent :

10-Explain the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS 

Glass ceiling 

Institutionalized discrimination : 

Comparable pay :

11-What are the employee’s duties to his/hers employer?


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