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Law Case Analysis

Read the case and prepare a five-page analysis of the case.  The analysis should include the following:

1.Names and description of the parties

2.Background as to how the case reached the court that issued the opinion.

3.Concise summary of the fact that gave rise to the case

4.Summary of the substantive legal question(s) to be decided, as framed by the Court. Note that often courts rule on procedural or jurisdictional issues before they get to the primary or substantive discussion. You do not have to discuss these unless you think they are relevant to the substance.

5.Summary of how the Court ruled on the primary substantive issue or issues.

6.Brief discussion of whether you agree or disagree with the Courts reasoning and/or decision, and why.

[Monroe Land Investments v Zoning Board of Adjustment and the City of Philadelphia, No. 571 CD (Comm.Ct. 2018).  Addresses the conditions for justifying or denying a special exception unde

Business Law Cases

1. Walmart Case (Cheeseman, p. 188)

Please read the case and summarize the facts, and state the decisions of the U.S. district court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme court in one sentence.

2. whistleblower statute (Cheesaman, p. 189)

Please read the case and briefly answer the critical legal thinking questions at the bottom of the document.

Please do not exceed one page for both case studies. Keep it short and simple and use only your own words. (No plagiarism)
*Please use simple English. English is my second language.*

Cross Cultural Methods of Test Measurements

Twomajor types of psychological tests listed in Chapter 1 of the textbook (Gregory, 2016).  Discuss the following issues as they relate to each type of test.  If you have taken or administered those tests in the past, you may discuss the issues as they relate to your testing experiences, but please dont provide the results of any tests that you have taken!  Note: The PowerPoint slide presentation (Hansen, 2013) may be helpful for an overview of tests and measurements.

1)    Behavior domain sampled by the test ***
2)    Prediction of nontest behavior***

Any topic (writer’s choice)

As all of you are no doubt aware, the introduction of body-worn cameras (BWCs) into law enforcement changed the profession entirely. Many will argue that they are not necessary and are only used as a "big brother" tool to second-guess an officer's actions. Others contend that BWCs keep officers honest. Additionally, many officers welcome BWCs because it shows that, most of the time, their actions are justified under law and policy.

Take into consideration last week's module concerning eyewitness accounts. It's clear and undisputed that eyewitness accounts are not perfect. However, a police officer is a trained, experienced observer whose job it is to both observe accurately and report truthfully. This is why an officer's eyewitness testimony on the stand is given more credibility than that of a lay witness (and this is included in jury instructions, as well). Now - enter the BWC. Is it not also an eyewitness to an incident, albeit an electronic one? If the officer testifies to a

Juvenile Delinquency

I need an annotated bibliography page for a paper on Juvenile Delinquency. It requires a minimum of 10 sources, five of which must be scholarly, peer reviewed sources. Must use APA style 7th edition and must be listed alphabetically rather than chronologically. Whomever take on this assignment, I will also like to write the research paper that it coincides with in a couple of weeks. I also have three other sources that I have chosen on my own to be added to the listed bibliography.

The Statutes

The Statutes

Research, review, and analyze Anti-Miscegenation Statutes in the United States and choose two relevant cases. Then, write a 45 page paper in which you:
Analyze and evaluate each case independently by providing the following (about two paragraphs per case):
Facts of the case.
Compare and contrast both cases in regard to the Anti-Miscegenation Statutes.
Analyze how this statute could have influenced Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483 (1954) and the Fourteenth Amendment.
Explain the significance of this statute to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Research cases, laws, and other legal communications using the c

Capital Punishment and it Issues

Jesse James, a 20-year old, was arrested for killing a police officer. As a newly elected prosecutor, you are responsible for prosecuting Mr. James. You announce your decision not to seek the death penalty in this case, but under your states law, the offense charged is considered special circumstances, which would qualify as a death penalty case. Your decision does not sit well with the law enforcement community.

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 9001,200 words:
List the various hearings that will typically occur and how the case is affected by each event.
Provide an overview of the various courts in the typical state system where Mr. James will appear and why he is appearing there, from arraignment to trial and the various levels of appeal. Be sure to provide specific information as it relates to any constitutional issues that may be raised at each stage in the process.
What are the potential hearings that might be involved in this case? Be sure to

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Your paper should cover at a minimum, two pages (Please do not exceed three pages.
This is a short paper assignment).  No plagiarism

Develop an essay explaining the rationale behind racial profiling.
Your answer should explain the strength and weaknesses of the
prevailing argument for and against racial profiling

Interpreting the Sheriff Offices’ Chi-square

Below is a chi-square and Cramers V statistic from Maricopa Countys Sheriff Offices Annual Report (2014-2015). The tables tests the relationship between whether a driver had an item seized by that drivers race. The chi-square is significant, so a relationship exists.

What does this tell us about the organization? How does the Cramers V weigh in here?

Driver post-stop perceived race or ethnicity
    White    Unknown    Native American    Hispanic    Black    Asian    Total
Driver item seized - No    18747    271    401    5671    1988    569    27647
Driver item seized - Yes    268    2    23    131    47    5    476
Total    19015 

Investigations DB 1

You are required to provide a thread in response to the provided topic. Thread is to be a minimum of 250 words, cite at least 2 academic sources, and demonstrate course-related knowledge. Acceptable sources include the textbook, peer-reviewed journal articles, government sources/websites, and professional association websites. In addition to academic support, you must apply a Chrisitian worldview perspective and integrate Biblical scripture support for the post.


Officers are trained to handle emergencies first, before securing the crime scene, even if valuable evidence could be lost or destroyed.
Why is this critical?
What factors should the responding officer consider when he realizes that he is on a "hot" call a potentially dangerous situation that is currently unfolding?
Which one of these factors played the biggest role in your decision-making and why?
Integrate a Christian worldview perspective to support your discussion.

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