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Appraise Strategies to Assist in Effective Job Evaluations

Every year, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) conducts the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. One of your areas of expertise is appraisal and evaluation, and as such, you have been invited (in your capacity as Director of Personnel Administration for Organization X) to be on a popular podcast to discuss in what ways, if any, this yearly research could be more effective across the board. The inspiration for the podcast and the prompt comes from a drop in response rates for the 2018 survey. In 2018, the percentage of federal workers who responded to the survey came in at almost five percentage points lower than those who responded to the prior years survey. The most concerning part of this drop are it happened on the heels of a push from OPM to improve response rates by moving from a survey sample to a census.
The podcast host emailed you as a courtesy, with the following prompt for the show:
As you know, if an employer waited until evaluation time to start thinking about a


Write an essay using the sociological theories you learned  to analyze various types of criminal subcultures.

You are to pick 2 different theories from the following list below (included are the specific authors and titles of their work needed for assignment):

*Atavism (Gina Lombroso-Ferraro. Criminal Man / Emile Durkheim. The Normal and the Pathological/ Emile Durkheim. Suicide)

*Strain Theory/Opportunity Structures (Robert Merton "Social Structure and Anomie)

*Social Disorganization (Robert E. Park. Social Change and Social Disorganization/ Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay. Juvenile Delinquency and Urban Areas/ Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay. Differential Systems of Values)

*Subcultural Theory (Albert K. Cohen.The Content of Delinquent Subculture/ Walter B. Miller. Lower Class Culture as a Generating Milieu of Gang Delinquency)

*Differential Association (Edwin H. Sutherland. Differential Association)

*Neutralization (Gres

Animal People by Joaquin Phoenix Unlocking the cage by Chris Hegedus, D. A. Pennebaker

1. Explain at least one way this film related to (an) issue(s) in Species Justice or Animals and Criminal Justice.

2a. Did your opinions, feelings or choices regarding non-human animals change as a result of viewing these films?

2b. What specific aspect about a film or films caused this shift in you?

3. How did you know whether the information presented was accurate and current?

4. Were opinions presented as fact? How did you know?

Legal strategy/ writ of habeus corpus in Unlocking the cage is the main theme
AETA and incarnation of activists in animal people is the main theme 

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

(1) The case is about a business making real business decisions about how it wished to provide employee health care benefits, in opposition to a government mandate of certain types of benefits. The company, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., took a stand in opposition to the government's position, based on ownership's religious beliefs, raising a Constitutional question under the First Amendment.

(2) Prepare a written Case Brief of the U.S. Supreme Court case Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc

(3) I've attached a Case Brief Template is needed.

Due Date Monday, May 18, 2020 9:00 AM Points Possible 100 International Crime Witness, Part 1

For this assignment, you will select one of the six model nations in the textbook to research the differences in criminal code and legal procedures between the United States and your selected country.
Imagine you are traveling abroad in your chosen country when you witness a local national committing a violent assault. The criminal is arrested and charged by the police. Upon returning to the United States, a professor in one of your criminal justice classes asks you to complete a written report about your experience and the differences in criminal code and legal procedures. Use the Internet and the Strayer Library to conduct your research.
Write a 35 page paper in which you:
Determine the pertinent demographic, social, political, and economic factors about your chosen country.
Examine the manner in which your chosen country's criminal code would likely view the crime you witnessed. Provide a rationale for the response.
Choose two individual rights that the United States

legal issues and news media

Prompt: The organization RSF (Reporters Without Borders) has petitioned the United Nations
to establish a global watchdog to curb disinformation and fake news. They are proposing the
establishment of an independent multi-stakeholder organization like ICANN.
You have been asked to present a legal analysis of the potential rulings of such an organization
in the United States, and whether the work of such an organization would be useful in
highlighting fake news and disinformation campaigns as an aid to civil organizations or as a
foundation for treaty obligations.
Your answer should draw on the material provided in the Final: Disinformation - A Global
Challenge folder (including the relevant work of your classmates) in the content section of our
course blackboard. Your paper should provide the following:
An introduction, clearly stating the importance to society of the general issue, the central focus
of your legal analysis, and your conclusion.
A fu

Public policy

Fact sheet
This topic of this assignment is purposefully open ended, as are most such assignments in the world. You need to pick a relatively small slice of a social problem; for example, a big slice would be childcare, a smaller slice might be the impact of raising the wages childcare providers. Note that while much of our reading focuses on the United States, your final project (or midterm for that matter) does not need to be about American social policy. 

You will then craft a professional, concise, and informative advocacy-oriented two-page policy brief (one-pager if printed double-sided) on your selected topic. The final product should be easy to read and eye-catching. It could include some combination of charts, graphs, bulleted points, side bars, or other images to help the reader get all the information they need in a concise format. An insanely busy person should be able to understand its point at a glance and understand how this

Discuss the moral/ethical decision for each scenario

Ethical dilemmas permeate the criminal justice. At every level, in each segment of the system, people are exercising discretion that will influence the fate of an individual and/or the security of the community. Incongruous laws, regulations, policies and practices create conflicts and distort the basis upon which judgments are made. Very often these conflicts result in an ethical dilemma. Which is the appropriate course of action? What is the moral/ethical rational for the decisions that were made? What purposes or principles are served? This project will ask you to consider a sequence of decisions (do, or not do) all of which contribute, directly or indirectly the final scene.
For each of the three (3) scenarios, your assignment is to:
Examine each situation and describe the ethical and/or moral question,
Describe what you believe to be the motivation of the actor and the potential consequences of BOTH/EACH options,
Identify the decision you believe the actor SHOULD mak

The Basics Behind Effective Police Operations

Assignment 2: The Basics Behind Effective Police Operations

Due Week 6 and worth 160 points

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:

Select at least two (2) types of changes (e.g., public and society, law enforcement officers, police bureaucracy, standards community involvement, technology, etc.), and examine how the selected changes have affected police operations, mission and values, or goals and objectives in the 21st century in the United States. Support your response.
Explain the various lines of communications present within any given local law enforcement agency. Next, determine at least two (2) challenges and concerns that law enforcement might encounter with communication and suggest your strategy to mitigate the challenges. Support your response.
Examine the importance of police patrol in modern policing.
Identify at least two (2) quality of life issues (e.g., panhandlers, prostitution, problems associated with bars and clubs, police i

Public Law

Kindly consider relevant public law cases, legislation or constitutional rules to
support the answer
Presenting an answer in an appropriate structure including identifying
and explaining the relevant issues, setting out and explaining the relevant
law or constitutional principles, applying the law to the facts where
relevant and reaching a logical conclusion or giving reasoned advice or
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