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Bad Hair “Pelo Malo”

You will use a movie and at least four articles to support your critique of an issue discussed in class: (economic, social, political, gender, identity, LGBTQ, and/or cultural rights) affecting Latinx groups portrayal in the media.
    The movie must focus on a specific Latinx group, it MUST be different than your own racial/ethnic group.  Be careful not to pick a documentary or a movie that does not give you enough material for your thesis.
    How is the issue you chose reflected in the storyline? How does it connect to our class lectures?
    Describe the language and images used to portray this group.  Explain how and why they are labeled a minority group, according to the 5 characteristics discussed -DTSAM.
    What kind of stereotypes or assumptions are presented in the movie?  Describe if there are clear examples of prejudice or discrimination.  Anything else worthy of mention?

Criminal Procedure in Motion

Criminal Procedure in Motion
Competencies Addressed in This Assignment
Competency 3: Explain the substantive and procedural interpretation of individual freedoms based on case analysis.
Competency 4: Document philosophical underpinnings and public policy influences associated with U.S. Supreme Court decisions.
Competency 5: Communicate effectively in writing.
Legal research serves as a gateway to locate cases that interpret key areas of substantive and procedural criminal law. From there, understanding how to read the case is integral to using the case for guidance on parameters. The issue is the question presented to the court for review. That question is based on whether what took place at the trial can be challenged as incorrect and impacting the outcome of the case. The appellate court, in reaching the decision, includes the law relied on as support for the decision. That includes statutory law, from legislatures, and other court rulings, where prior courts interpret

M3D1: Psychological First Aid for Disaster Survivors PART 2

Please refer to the attached files containing more detailed information and instructions.

Be sure to answer each question in it's entirety one by one being as clear and precise as possible.
Write and label each question by number then provide detailed answer under each question.

Teenage Pregnancy pregnancy

Please write the argumentative of this.Thank you.

Think back to your teenage years, or for those of you, who are teenagers, think about your life as it is now. This is a time where school occupies a majority of your time and you spend a good amount of your free time out with friends. Your in the early years of your life just thinking and planning for all the success your going to have in the future and everything you aspire to do. At this age, finding out your going to have a child is the most horrifying news for both girls and boys, yet it happens to about 900,000 teenagers in the United States alone each year (Klein, 2005). Teen pregnancy not only affects the teenager herself, but also the child, the families involved, healthcare professionals, educators, and government officials as they try to accommodate and deal with issues that come with teen pregnancy (Klein, 2005). Although the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the industrialized world, it is a

Crime Scene Reconstruction

In this crime scene scenario, there are a number of evidence types that you will need to collect. The crime scene is a single-floor house with a burned-down tool shed in the back. There is a mailbox that appears to have been hit by a car backing out of the driveway. It is 90 degrees (F) with 100% humidity.

The items you will collect include the following:

A vial of liquid blood
Stains on clothing that may be semen
A paper packet containing an unknown powder
Fumes from the shed that was burned to the ground, containing a body (the body will be handled by the medical examiner, not you)
Paint transfer apparently from a vehicle onto the mailbox in front of the crime scene
Hair and fiber found on a hammer with what appears to be dried blood.

Describe the methods you would use to pack these items for transport to the lab.
Explain the danger of the evidence degradation due to the environment.
Describe the instrumentation at the lab that might be used

Ethical and Legal Issues in Homeland Security Unit 3

If placed in a position of authority within a public safety or homeland security organization, how would you go about ensuring ethical behavior? Discuss how you would ensure your own ethical behavior in addition to those for whom you are responsible within the organization.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words in length. No references or citations are necessary.

Disaster planning

Thinking about what you have learned in this unit about how the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) responds to disasters or terrorist attacks, do you feel that the DHS could improve their response to these events, or do you believe that it does enough to ensure recovery of communities and individual citizens? Describe why you feel this way.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.

Disaster planning

For this assignment, you will be applying what you have learned about the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS). To begin, please see the following instructions:

Choose one of the following critical infrastructures from the list below:
energy company;
water company;
transportation company;
police, firefighters, or emergency medical services (EMS);
hospital; or
non-governmental organization (i.e., a commercial facility).
Select one of the following threats that your critical infrastructure will respond to for the purpose of this assignment:
terrorist attack/active shooter incident,
weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat, or
cybersecurity attack.
In this assignment, you will be completing designated sections of an ICS 201 form. The ICS 201 form provides the Incident Commander/Unified Command and General Staff with basic information regarding the incident situation and the resources alloca

Unit 5 Typology terrorism

For this assignment, you will compose the literature review section for your course project and compile the work you have previously completed into a single document.

To recap, in Unit I, you selected your terrorist organization or group and wrote a brief overview. In Unit III, you were asked to complete and submit your annotated bibliography. For this assignment, please include your references from Unit III as well as two or more new references.

Be sure that your literature review includes information related to the items listed below.

Include the background and overview of the terrorist organization.
Discuss the type of terrorism the organization or group falls under and why (religious, political, and/or ideological).
Describe recruitment tactics for potential members.
Explore how the online world has affected recruitment into your chosen extremist or terrorist organization.
Please see the following Success Center resources for help wi

assignment 1

Should the United States Senate eliminate the Legislative Filibuster? If yes, Why? If no, Why not? What if anything, does the history of the filibuster teach us about the present and future impact of such a decision?

This assignment is a Research Assignment. You must research academic journals, think tank publications,, articles from major newspapers and other reputable sources. (Wikipedia is NOT a credible academic source.)

Along with substantive analysis, your papers should reflect what you believe I need to know based on your comprehensive research and analysis of what you read including opposing points of view. All assignments must be properly sourced and require research beyond the required and recommended readings.

For both assignments, please include:

Cover Page (with your name)
Table of Contents
Substantive history, current facts, analysis
Bibliography (identify ALL your sources)

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