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Communication (Explain the importance of establishing credibility in business communication)


Part A/1.1 After reading/studying Chapter 1 in your textbook, answer the following questions, then apply what you learned to Part B of the assignment.

  1. Explain the importance of establishing credibility in business communication.
  2. How do the components of credibilitycompetence, caring, and characterinterrelate?
  3. What is business ethics?
  4. Explain the FAIR approach to evaluating ethical business communications.

Part B/1.11        Chapter 1 is about establishing credibility. After reading the chapter, think about two peopleone whom you trust implicitly and another whom you do not trust. Preferably, these are individuals with whom you currently work or have worked in the past.  Identify these individuals only as   Person A, the one you trust, and Person B, the person you do not trust.  Compare them in the following ways: (1) competence, (b) caring, (c) character, and (d) ease of communication.  Your response should be based on your understand of these concepts from Chapter 1 in your textbook.

Write four to five paragraphs (500-word minimum). Conclude with several general statements about the impact of credibility on communication efficiency and effectiveness.  Use correct English/grammar. This is a writing class and your writing style will be gauged in this assignment.  Think carefully about your response and check your work before submitting.

 You are to define or explain A, B, C, and D in Part 1 after reading Chapter 1. Then for Part 2, write a minimum of 500 words in four to five paragraphs about your experience with Persons A and B. As you describe the two individuals, include the four concepts you explained in Part 1 of the assignment.

Part 1 has four parts answered briefly. Part 2 requires four to five paragraphs with a minimum 500 words.


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