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Discussion moment of truth

 Using external sources/research, define each Moment of Truth (FMOT, SMOT, TMOT and ZMOT), and include what occurs in each MOT. Next, describe how and when you experienced each type of MOT, and then reflect and share what you learned about marketing from your MOT experience. Include a discussion about how you, as a marketer, can use this experience to create a meaningful MOT for your customer. 

 How does intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability impact the development and execution of marketing plans? Cite specific examples from your personal or professional experience. Explain your observations in detail. 


Week 5.3 Discussion

The following discussion forum involves access (no sign-in required) to the ArcGIS Story Map simulation, Birds of a Feather,

The proverb “Birds of a feather flock together” describes how those of similar taste congregate in groups. We live in neighborhoods in which we share similarities with our neighbors but do we shop at the same places and for the same reasons based on similarities? When we look at markets like the San Francisco Bay Area there are many differences between individual customers, groups of customers and their neighbors. These variations can be explained by location and how it impacts shopping patterns and behaviors. Here we explore what factors are really important to customer activity and store performance.

Open the application to scroll through the pages.https://esribizteam.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=d40acb0db1c745d986cf3738774ee06aRead the text boxes to learn more about the data provided in the app. Think about what the maps tell us and why the information they provide is significant. Next, look at the Customer Spend map, what does the map tell you about customer spending in the Bay Area? Next, look at the map associated with Purpose Dictates Purchase. Is there a correlation between the customer spend rate and the location of the stores? Which Ps, in the marketing mix, do these two maps illustrate? What draws you to this conclusion?

Comment on what marketers can do with the data derived from these GIS application maps. How would you use this data to inform the social media strategy of your marketing plan? How can this data help inform what social media strategies would work best in your marketing plan?


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