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For this assignment, you will create an educational flyer on a single current human rights issue. You are free to choose a human rights issue that interest you from the list.(Ill share the list with the expert I choose)Gun rights pro/con and abortion pro/con CANNOT be used. The flyer also needs to be based on a current issue, not a historical event.

The first page will be the flyer; the flyer is to be one page in length only. The second page will contain your 7 sentences and MLA formatted works cited page including your researched information. While you will include researched support, the majority (80%) of the flyers text content must be in your own original words. Researched support must be specific (not general) such as specific examples, data, and so on.

Remember The second page is 7 sentences of text including a topic sentence identifying and explaining the human rights issue, support, and solutions for the problem that the flyers readers can enact.


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