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Ethical Dilemma Criminal Justice

Please complete the following assignment on a Word document and submit it. Your response should be at least 150 words. Please use complete sentences, proper spelling, and grammar.

What would you do if Ethical Dilemma

In our studies we have learned that relative ethics is more complicated than absolute ethics because there are many shades of gray. What is considered ethical behavior by one person may be considered unethical behavior by another person. Consider the following scenario and discuss what your options are, what decision you would make, and why.

It is almost 11pm and you are finishing your shift as a police officer. You are parked in the median of highway and notice a car weaving from lane to lane traveling eastbound. First, ask yourself whether you would follow the car at all since it is so close to the end of your shift. Lets assume you do follow the car and pull it over for erratic driving. You approach the drivers side door and instantly smell the odor of alcohol. The driver slurs the following: I know you and I think you are doing a wonderful job with the department. In fact, I understand you want to be assigned to the detective division. You recognize the driverhe is your police chief. Becoming a detective has always been your dream. How do you handle this situation? Explain your choices.


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