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Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the role of employee training and development at your organization.
  • How does employee training and development factor into your organizations strategic planning and contribute to its competitive advantage?
  • What recommendations would you make to your leadership to improve training and development at your organization?

Your response should demonstrate your ability to relate this week’s readings in the textbook to your experience.


Respond to Carolyn and Jerry post. Be constructive and professional. Your replies should be at least 100 words each.

Carolyn post 


At my current job training and development is very important. I have actually been with my company or 16 years and when I first started with the company I was in the first training class. It was trial and error but I feel as though it was good. As time went on the program grew and the training became bigger and better. At this time the Training and development program is a active department in our company. The person that was my trainer is now the Senior Director of the Training and Development department.

I think that in my current position our training and development department is great. We always have on line trainings that are specific to every job that all employees have access to. Sometimes your management will assign you trainings but if you have free time or want to try to learn a different position you can do that any time. I feel that is an advantage to employees that we have on line access to training when ever we want to use it.

Jerry post

At my job, you go to a different store to train and you learn what to do. they send them to another store so they can see how a different store runs and train the workers well at a different store. They send them to the store for a few days then you go to your store so you can get more training until you get it. The training is good for new people because if you don’t know about cars you can use the training to help you out and if you know your town you can take part in the place that needs them. it helps them to understand what the customer needs from auto parts. The training help with knowing how to look up part and the number it teaches them all about the thing that a car is made. I would say that if they don’t know much about cars they will need more training. the train they get to help the customer with their vehicles the better that can be for them.


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