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Global Issue Policy Analysis

Policy analysis is a formal process in which the analyst assesses policy options aimed at solving an existing problem. Compared to the Week 7 assignment that examined the role of human rights and recommending a policy, the policy analysis follows prescribed steps. You will rely heavily on a recognized model of policy analysis described in Chapter 9, Policy Analysis, from Teaching Research Methods in Public Administration. Before you start, review this chapter and the instructions below, so you can choose a global challenge that fits the requirements of the assignment.

Download the Week 10 Policy Analysis Template [DOCX]. It provides additional instructions for the assignment and space for you to add the assignment content. The assignment content should be at least four pages.
Policy Analysis Question: Communication of the problem and the goal to find a potential solution.
Historical Background: Content and extent of the problem as well as current or past policies.
Literature Review: Synthesis of information from at least four credible, relevant, and appropriate sources on the causes of the problem and policies applied to situations that are similar to the problem.
Stakeholder Assessment: Identification and analysis of at least four key stakeholders.
Policy Options and Assessment: Description of 35 policy options aimed at solving the problem, listing of policy evaluation criteria and assessment of policy options against these criteria.
Recommendation: Argument for the best policy option based on the analysis.


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