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Introduction to biological anthropology evolution genetics

Chapter One Readings:

Chapter 1 PowerPoint:


Chapter 2 Readings:

Chapter 2 PowerPoint:

Chapter 3 Reading:

Chapter 3 PowerPoint:

Extra Resources:

Scientific Method PowerPoint:  

Scientific Method:

Introduction to Anthropology:  


Natural Selection:

 Videos on Molecular Biology & Genetics:

Interactive Genetics Experiment Website:  

DNA Replication:



Answer the following discussion questions, your answer should be at least 200 words in length. After posting please respond to at least one other students’ post. Submit by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 19th, no late submissions accepted. 

1. Define the four subdisciplines of anthropology and how they relate to the holistic nature of the field.

For question 2 watch the video Things you might not know about evolution Use what you learned from the video and this weeks readings to answer the discussion question:

2. Are religious beliefs and evolution mutually exclusive?

3. What are the key differences between mitosis and meiosis?


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