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Major Depressive Disorder

The essay question requires the use of a primary source – a peer reviewed article detailing the results of a relevant study. To demonstrate your understanding of empirical research, you will want to report an explanation of the numerical data retrieved from the article you’ve chosen. Please be sure to cite your source(s) and to incorporate terminology from our course. See question below.
Major depressive disorder is a mental illness that impacts both the individual and society. Use at least 300 words to describe the responsibility that we have as individuals and within our families to help those struggling with this disorder. Also, describe the responsibility that society may have in relation to this mental illness.

*please demonstrate your understanding of our course concepts by using terminology and information we covered this semester.
*remember to include the numerical data from at least one primary source.
*your source should be cited in the body of your writing AND listed at the end of your essay response.


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