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For your second research assignment, you are to identify a quantitative research article(ATTACHED) not a summary or literature review, but a bona fide research study–that is in your field of study and read it.  After reading it, you are to provide the following information about it in a summary that is a least 1 page.

Provide a full reference to the article using the APA Style Manual.  (This section does not count toward your word limit.)

1) What is the purpose of the study?  

2) What are the independent (X) and dependent variables (Y) the article covers?  If there is a long list of either independent variables or dependent variables, summarize them. 

3) Who was studied, and when?  

4) What did the author(s) find? Were any of the effects of the independent variable significant?  If so, which ones?  

                                                             Article Reference

Cox, W. F., Jr, & Peck, R. A. (2018). Christian Education as Discipleship Formation. Christian Education                Journal, 15(2), 243261. https://doi.org/10.1177/0739891318778859


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