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Pros and Cons of Sexual Reproduction Presentation

There are two general modes of reproduction: sexual and asexual. Some organisms can reproduce using just one method, while others have the option to reproduce either sexually or asexually. Given the choice, which one should an organism perform? Most organisms reproduce sexually. Are there advantages to this? Are there disadvantages to this?

For this assignment, you will prepare a slide presentation detailing the major advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction. Imagine that this is a presentation for a middle school class, and the terminology you use must be easily understood.

For this slide presentation, you should include

Advantages of sexual reproduction.
A specific example (including the organism) where sexual reproduction has been beneficial.
Disadvantages of sexual reproduction.
A specific example (including the organism) where sexual reproduction has been detrimental.
A list of the references used.
You will produce a series of slides that address the pros and cons of sexual reproduction. You should prepare these slides as though you would use them as a visual companion to an oral presentation. Be sure to proofread your slides and ensure that they are visually appealing (clear, easy to read, appropriate colors, etc.).

To create your presentation, you use either MS Powerpoint or Google Slides. You should include a minimum of 10 slides (not counting an introduction and reference slide). Your submission will be a presentation file that you have created.

Keep in mind that these slides are meant as a prop for an oral presentation. This means, they do not need to include all the words that the presenter would be speakin


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