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QUESTION 100 points View RubricWriting Assignment #2

Aram is driving 25 MPH in a 25 MPH zone down a residential road where there are children playing. While driving, Aram responds to some text messages he received. While he is texting, a nine-year-old child runs into the street chasing a soccer ball. Aram looks up from his phone, sees the child and to avoid hitting the child he swerves into oncoming traffic and hits a car driven by Hana who is speeding above the speed limit down the road causing her to suffer broken ribs.An ambulance shows up and takes Hana to the hospital. Unfortunately, on the way to the hospital, a heavy thunderstorm with intense winds causes a tree to fall on the ambulance. As a result, Hana suffers a head injury.While recovering in the hospital, Hana files a lawsuit against Aram for her injuries, specifically the broken ribs and the head injury.

#1 LIST what law(s) apply to:Hana’s lawsuit against Aram for her (A) broken ribs (B) head injury? (20 POINTS) Do not explain, just list the laws in bullet point form. Answer (A) and (B) separately. (20 points)

#2 a) Will Hana win her lawsuit against Aram for her (A) broken ribs, and (B) head injury? Why or Why not? Apply the law(s) to the facts. Explain why the laws you mentioned in #1 apply to the story above. (50 Points) Answer (A) and (B) separately.

#3) What case applies to Hana’s lawsuit and why? Lastly, assume Hana is suing for $100,000 and found to be 40% at fault for running across the street in a contributory negligence jurisdiction. What amount, if any, would she collect? (20 points).

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